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Vivid and Versatile

The versatile Jasmine Earrings can be worn as long cascades or detached and worn as earclips. As the name suggests, the jewel design is inspired by the unfurling jasmine flower. A floral rhythm is infused into the jewel, capturing an intuitive sense of balance. The floral design in these earrings is complimented by briolettes and Jasmine cut® diamonds of various shapes that scintillate vivid hues of light. Diamonds over 19 carats are set in 18K white gold to create these earrings.

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Jasmine cut®

The earrings feature signature Jasmine cut® diamonds.
Jasmine cut® is a unique technique of faceting diamonds, this soft and sophisticated cut enhances the lustre of the diamonds and mirrors the essence of the Jasmine flower. NIRAV MODI craftsmen work closely on the original contours of the rough diamonds, refining the shape with a placement of facets that releases as much of the light locked inside the diamonds as possible.


Rhythmic Composition

A melange of diamond flowers of varying sizes are arranged with a natural sense of balance. Briolette diamonds, often found in antique jewellery from the Victorian and Art Deco eras, are placed at the heart of the jewel, unleashing an intense scintillation, and complementing the fiery sparkle of the Jasmine cut® diamonds.

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