Nirav Modi

Built brilliantly around a man, his métier, his art and extraordinary mastery of diamonds—and above all, his passionate devotion to igniting femininity. From the moment of design conception, to sourcing and execution, the extravagant discipline of a NIRAV MODI jewel stands out in the world of Haute Joaillerie. Explore the breadth of the Nirav Modi vision from Embrace, the exclusive NIRAV MODI stretchable diamond bangle to Endless cut® diamond jewelry and every brilliant design in between. Do so and discover that the act of wearing a NIRAV MODI jewel is to feel the soul spark of a culture. To witness the ultimate exploration and elevation of a diamond’s potential, and to experience the joyful conviction that Luxury Is Meant To Be Lived.

Nirav Modi_founder

Our Founder

Nirav Modi grew up in Antwerp, the world’s diamond capital, as the son and grandson of experienced diamantaires. Dinner table conversation often circulated around diamonds – and his interest was encouraged from an early age. He also drew inspiration from his mother, a talented interior designer, and has since become an avid art collector.It wasn’t always clear how Nirav Modi would build on his family’s legacy, until one day a chance encounter with jewelry design sealed his tryst with destiny. As he travelled the world sourcing the very best diamonds, an idea was born – a marriage of  rarity with perfection. He would create exquisite diamond jewelry with rare diamonds, unparalleled craftsmanship and innovative mechanisms.

To this day, art and craftsmanship are the guiding lights for the brand. The designs are inspired by his travels, nature and passion for art. Each design is handcrafted, making every NIRAV MODI jewel a ‘Labour of Love’ and a treasure to own.



For centuries, India was the only producer of diamonds in the world and its Golconda mines are synonymous with quality and distinction. We are proud of our Indian origins and the fact that NIRAV MODI is heir to a rich tradition of diamond jewelry, carried forward by generations of artisans and skilled craftsmen.  Our relentless quest for beauty and perfection in our jewellery stems from our commitment to this heritage.

We stand to make sure that every jewel bearing the NIRAV MODI name is truly outstanding and guarantees consistent quality. Our robust organizational structure gives us control of every aspect of production, from access to the finest diamonds in the world to superior cutting and polishing technologies.

Acquiring the magnificent 12.29 carat diamond from the famous Golconda mines and pioneering ground-breaking innovations like the Jasmine cut®,
Endless cut®,
Mughal® cut and
Ainra cut® diamond links are just three examples of our dedication to your satisfaction. NIRAV MODI brings you the promise of outstanding quality and finesse.