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A magical transformation

This is a curved choker from the Mughal Collection with an intricate design and dual functionality. A discrete mechanism allows the choker to be transformed and worn as a linear bracelet.

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A Royal Touch

The Mughal period is known for its beautiful floral forms, crisp motifs, meticulous detailing and unique techniques – Artisans would labour over a palm-sized painting for months at end. A myriad of techniques are used to create this timeless jewel. It is an ode to the beauty and royalty of the Mughal Era.

Mughal® cut

It took 18 months of fine tuning to create of special Mughal® cut diamonds.
A signature diamond cut, exclusive to the brand.

An ode to femininity

“Our jewels are crafted to create fluidity for they must become a part of the woman and dance with her every movement.” – Nirav Modi

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